Also known as Material for the gaining and or acquiring of Villainy Points.

Villainy Points are powerful bits of luck one can use to escape death, cut through defenses just in the time of need, or otherwise go beyond your norm to press through the odds. Players may only hold 3 at a time, though they may take the Villain's Fortune feat to have a max of 5 at a time. Most NPCs can only have 1 Villain Point, though notable pirates (such as pirate lords) have the normal PC cap, as well as important heroes, who instead possess Hero Points. At any time, a Villainy Point may cancel out a Hero Point, or vice versa. Using a Hero/Villainy Point in this way is not an action.

There are several ways to gain MVP, such as:

  • Writing in-character stories, journal entries, memoirs, retrospectives, descriptions of events in-game, musings, prayers, poems, rituals, speeches, or anything else written by and from the perspective of your character. All such submissions should be made as posts in the Adventure Log.
  • Creating any sort of art or cartography related to the campaign or its characters.
  • Writing short fiction related to the campaign or its characters.

None of the above is mandatory; they are only additional rewards for creative role-playing and story-telling. And it is not a comprehensive list, either—-there's sure to be other methods of getting MVP. As long as you spend effort and time into creating the work of art, whatever it is, you may gain some MVP.

You may not gain a Villainy Point for a single write-up: it may require more than just one before your tales of reckless deeds and absolute cruelty reach the Gods of Luck and Fate above.


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